Work Less, Live More: The Way to Semi-Retirement  by Bob Clyatt

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Tired of the daily grind?                                                                               

Are you looking for an alternative to a lifetime of stress and overwork?  Work Less, Live More: The Way to Semi-Retirement is your road map to the exit. Written by 15-year early-retiree Bob Clyatt, the book gives encouragement and step-by-step knowledge for securely moving beyond full-time work,  whatever your age.  The book shows readers how to achieve this winning combination of work and life through:

- Sensible spending and saving
- A rational investing method based on Nobel Prize-winning research which supports retirees and preserves capital for the long run.
- A safe, lifelong withdrawal method for living off your savings
- Resources and guidance for achieving financial independence and "early retirement extreme",  leaving behind the culture of consumption and overwork
Plus:  Learn how to create the perfect part-time work opportunities to fulfill personal and financial goals.

If you are ready to start making plans for a more fulfilling life, or are already early-retired, you'll find valuable advice here based on the experience of hundreds who have already made the leap.  In print over a decade and with over 40,000 copies sold Work Less Live More has earned the trust of readers seeking quality, hype-free guidance.
For those ready to roll up their sleeves and really begin planning in earnest, the Work Less Live More Workbook: Get Ready For Semi-Retirement  will give you the spreadsheets and tools to customize plans to your own unique situation.   Plus you'll get plenty of worksheets and exercises to help you figure out what you'll do to fill all the years you've freed up once you leave full-time career work.
Bob's entrepreneurial years allowed him to became financially independent in 2001 at age 42 and he has been living as a semi-retiree ever since.  Since retiring, he has realized his lifelong dream to write and create art.  He lives with his wife in Westchester County, New York where they raised their two sons.


About the Author: 
Bob Clyatt combines experience and insight to bring you this leading book on early retirement advice.  Bob’s extensive education in finance and economics, including degrees from Berkeley and MIT where he studied under leading Nobel-prize winning economists, combine with his artist’s idealism to forge a unique blend of pragmatism and vision for the long-term retiree.
After 20 years in the business world, including founding two start-ups sold to public companies, Bob left full-time career work at age 42 to re-connect to his family, his sanity, and pursue a cherished dream to write and create art.  To convince himself that he was not irresponsibly risking his family’s well-being he immersed himself in the early retirement literature and finance, interviewing hundreds of others on the path and contributing innovative research to safe withdrawal studies and long-term investing strategies tailored to the needs of early retirees. He clarified and advocated the 4%-of-principal withdrawal (as opposed to an initial 4% rising by inflation in subsequent years) coupled with his 95% Rule which are becoming mainstream thinking for long term retiree finance.  He also was the first to actively advocate semi-retirement (as differentiated from early retirement) both for its role securing retirement finances as well as for keeping long term retirees mentally engaged and constructive, without the stresses of overwork.
Bob and his family have lived richly by the principles in his book now for over 15 years, and he remains in active dialog with early retirees worldwide, absorbing their lessons and offering guidance.   Interviewed on TV and in magazines from Smart Money, Forbes and Business Week to Dow Jones, CNN/Money and the Motley Fool , Bob’s advice continues helping thoughtful readers to plan and live out a safe and rewarding early retirement, now and for the decades ahead. 


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If you are especially keen to dig into the
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The workbook contains a CD ROM with
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well as numerous exercises and worksheets for
planning a fulfilling 2nd half of life.