you are not alone!  Here are some people, organizations and resources for connecting to other early and semi-retirees, long term investors and kindred spirits on the path to financial independence.


Note:  See Press listings for a number of excellent blogs discussing early retirement and financial independence

Retire early overseas- this article from apple news travel channel lists top-ten expat-on-a-budget countries.

tyler, over at Portfolio Charts, has put together a terrific set of tools for analyzing different portfolios. his Pinwheel portfolio is reasonably close to the Work Less Live More Sandwich Portfolio, and shows up in comparison to the other options there to have the robust safety (Chart: “drawdowns, years to permanently recover”) with solid, middle of the pack, average annual returns that were the design criteria for this portfolio.

I am a big fan of bud hebeler's work-- a retired boeing senior executive who brings an engineer's discipline to long term retirement financial planning.  Find his work at analyze now.

bob's friend Doug nordman has written a very useful book and maintains a site, the military guide, for early and semi-retirees in military and other public service sectors.  doug donates all his book's royalties to military charities, now over $9,000.

Billy & Akaisha Kaderli -- financially independent at 38 and traveling the world for the last 25 years. They have developed a great Site For early retirees with a focus on traveling and living in lower cost countries.  They are profiled in the book.

Will your savings support the lifestyle you want in early retirement?  Let FIRECalc help you decide. firecalc has bob's 95% rule built in as an optional button when modeling and back testing portfolio survival rates based on your savings and expenses.

The bogleheads site, named after their patron saint and vanguard founder john bogle, has active discussion groups grappling with all manner of financial topics with a focus on long term, low-cost investing suitable for people on the early retirement path.

Tom Orecchio of Modera asset management helped prepare the financial analysis and the recommended portfolios in the book, and can help you invest in DFA Funds if you feel you need them.

Keith Marbach, researcher for Trinity and other long term withdrawal studies, helped me run long term safe
withdrawal rate studies for Chapter 4 of the book, and helped model the 95% Rule first presented there.

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