Thurs April 12


House:  Clyatt      Time:  8:00   Book:  Last Call , Daniel Okrent

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I Will Attend This Event

  Thurs May 10

House:  Cunningham         Time:  8:00      Book: Saturday, Ian McEwan

Upcoming Dates and Books Scheduled      





Sat June 2 2018  House:  Clark         Time:  Afternoon (Shenker)      TBD

Thurs June 14 2018  House:  McClaury         Time:  8:00      Book:  A World Lit Only By Fire, William Manchester

Thurs July 12 2018  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      Book:  Washington Square, Henry James

Thurs August 9 2018  Clyatt Hosting at AYC Picnic Point          Time:  6:30      Book: Intellectuals, Paul Johnson

Sat Sept 15 2018  House:  Cummings         Time:  Afternoon (Schenker)      TBD

Thurs Oct 11 2018  House:  Kelsey          Time:  8:00      Book: William Trevor, Felicia's Journey

Thurs Nov 8 2018  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      Book: The Hare with the Amber Eyes, William de Wahl

Thurs Dec 6 2018  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      Book: The Vintage Book of American Short Stories, Edited by Tobias Wolff


Titles for Consideration

Destiny of the Repbublic: (The Assassination of Garfield,) Candice Millard,

"Timekeepers: How the World Became Obsessed With Time", by Simon Garfield. (suggested by Bill Marden, Feb 2018)

Where They Stand, Robert W. Merry (rating Presidents)

Alexander Hamilton, Richard Brookhiser

The Gene, Siddartha Mukerhjee

The Things They Carried, Tim O'Brien

Novel by James Cain (similar to Talented Mr Ripley)  for next summer

1491, New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus, Charles Mann (recommended by Alan Kelsey, March 2018)