Thurs Dec 7

House:  Marden at Clark    Time:  8:00 Quarrels that have Shaped the Constitution (Subset as outlined below) John Garratay.

Notes from Fred:  You don't have to read the whole book unless you want to.  I have selected certain of the essays for everyone to read.  The selection is based more on the quality of the writing than the subject matter (although I believe the subject matter of each selection should still be interesting to the group).  I've tried to pick ones that attempt to explain the complexity of the case rather than ones that just present one side.  Thus, you will see that some important cases, such as Brown v. Board of Ed, are not included.

I am suggesting the following chapters:

III - The Bank Cases
VI - The Dred Scott Case
IX - The Case Of The Prejudiced Doorkeeper
XII -  The Case Of The Overworked Laundress
XVII - The Flag-Salute Case
XX - The Abortion Case

These six total less than 200 pages so there should be plenty of time to read all of them before the next meeting.

I am asking for volunteers to pick one of the cases and lead the discussion on that case.  If you are interested in doing so, please let me know which essay you are picking so that I can keep track of the discussion leaders.

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I Will Attend This Event

  Sat Jan 20

House:   Clyatt (Schenker)      Time:  Afternoon/ Dinner TBD  Book:  TBD  

Upcoming Dates and Books Scheduled      


Thurs Feb 8 2018      House:  TBD         Time 8:00         Paris 1919 (selected chapters)  Margaret Macmillan

Thurs March 8 2018 House: TBD           Time:  8:00      The Stranger, Albert Camus

Thurs April 12 2017  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      TBD

Thurs May 10 2017  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      TBD

Sat June 2 2017  House:  Clark         Time:  Afternoon (Shenker)      TBD

Thurs June 14 2017  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      TBD

Thurs July 12 2017  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      TBD

Thurs August 9 2017  Clyatt Hosting at AYC Picnic Point          Time:  6:30      TBD

Sat Sept 15 2017  House:  Cummings         Time:  Afternoon (Schenker)      TBD

Thurs Oct 11 2017  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      TBD

Thurs Nov 8 2017  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      TBD

Thurs Dec 6 2017  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      TBD


Titles for Consideration

Some book on economics, possibly Keynes v Hayek

White Working Class, Joan C Williams(Suggested by Bob C after reading this review in Harvard Business Review)

The Things They Carried, Tim O'Brien

Novel by James Cain (similar to Talented Mr Ripley)  for next summer