Thurs feb 8

(possible Feb 15 pending)

House:  Eric Woglom    Time:  8:00               Paris 1919 (selected chapters see below)  Margaret Macmillan

I Will Attend This Event *
I Will Attend This Event

(note from Fred 1/21/18) The book for February is Paris 1919 by Margaret MacMillan, the great-granddaughter of David Lloyd George and a professor of history at the University of Toronto.  The book was widely praised.

Since it’s long I suggest we not read the following chapters:  9, 10, 11, and 17-24 inclusive.  That cuts out about 126 pages, leaving a total of 366 pages, plus a 7 page introduction.  I think that even with the omitted material, we still get most of her story line and still keep most of the subjects that have continuing relevance today.

That’s still a lot but I found it a fairly quick read.  However, since the February meeting is in early February we may want to think about postponing it for a week to February 15 to give everyone extra time to read it assuming first of all that Eric is OK with that date and, if so, that it doesn’t make any difference to others in terms of their availability to attend.

  Sat Jan 20

House:   Clyatt (Schenker)      Time:  4:15 includes Dinner  Book:  The Stranger, Albert Camus

Upcoming Dates and Books Scheduled      


Thurs March 8 2018 House: TBD           Time:  8:00      TBD

Thurs April 12 2018  House:  TBD         Time:  8:00      TBD

Thurs May 10 2018  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      TBD

Sat June 2 2018  House:  Clark         Time:  Afternoon (Shenker)      TBD

Thurs June 14 2018  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      TBD

Thurs July 12 2018  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      TBD

Thurs August 9 2018  Clyatt Hosting at AYC Picnic Point          Time:  6:30      TBD

Sat Sept 15 2018  House:  Cummings         Time:  Afternoon (Schenker)      TBD

Thurs Oct 11 2018  House:  Kelsey          Time:  8:00      TBD

Thurs Nov 8 2018  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      TBD

Thurs Dec 6 2018  House:  TBD          Time:  8:00      TBD


Titles for Consideration


Last Call, The Rise and Fall of Prohibition, Daniel Okrent

Alexander Hamilton, Richard Brookhiser

The Gene, Siddartha Mukerhjee

Some book on economics, possibly Keynes v Hayek

White Working Class, Joan C Williams(Suggested by Bob C after reading this review in Harvard Business Review)

The Things They Carried, Tim O'Brien

Novel by James Cain (similar to Talented Mr Ripley)  for next summer